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RTL II is a commercial, privately owned, general-interest German television channel. In 2014 the channel had a market share of 3,9% among viewers aged over three.
RTL II started broadcasting on 6 March 1993 at 6:09 a.m. with the movie Ein reizender Fratz.
The channel is operated by RTL2 Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG., which was founded in 1992 and employs approximately 210 people. Since June 2014 its Managing Director has been Andreas Bartl. The company was originally headquartered in Cologne, but is now run in the municipality of Grünwald, to the south of Munich; only its news department is still based in Cologne, in order to share the production facilities of RTL news. The company is jointly owned by: RTL Group S.A. (35.9%), Heinrich Bauer Verlag KG (31.5%),Tele München Fernseh GmbH & Co. Medienbeteiligung KG (31.5%, of which the Tele München Gruppe and The Walt Disney Company hold 50% each). and Burda GmbH (1.1%)

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