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TRT Spor is a sports television channel established by TRT. TRT 3 was closed in 2010 and planned to be replaced by TRT Sports but it was decided that TRT 3 should not be closed because of TBMM TV broadcasts and it should be established as a separate channel and the TRT 3 logo and the TRT Sports logo have been published since 9 August 2010. In addition, another channel that broadcasts only with the TRT Spor logo has been launched since 2011. Broadcasting of the TRT Sports log channel on this frequency will not be affected when the TBMM TV broadcast starts. During the broadcasts of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the TRT 3 logos were accompanied by the Turkish Grand National Assembly TV logo instead of TRT Sports. Along with the TRT 3 logo, another freekstan began broadcasting 24 hours a day. In addition, TRT Sports has started HD broadcasting since 8 December 2014, and the channel credits, graphics and logo have also been changed.

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